Important at international events!

It is impossible to imagine any international event or event with the participation of foreign guests without simultaneous translation of speech.
In order for speech translation to take place at your event successfully, you need to follow some of the recommendations below:
🎧 Invite simultaneous interpreters in advance, they may be busy at the last moment at other events. Remember, one language - two translators, they usually work in pairs. Another very important point in working with translators is to provide them with material for high-quality preparation in advance;
🎧 The second key to success is the availability of special professional equipment. One of the best systems for simultaneous translation of speech is Bosch Integrus;
🎧 The last important point is competent technical support (installation / dismantling of equipment, personal presence on the site, system management).
SINKOM has everything necessary for the successful implementation of simultaneous speech translation at the event.
Nothing will decorate an event like competent simultaneous translation of speech!
You can get more detailed information from our managers or read the list on the website.
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