Additional equipment for conferences

Additional equipment for conferences Dubai, Abu Dhabi

For the full implementation of your event, it is possible to rent demonstration equipment, such as: a flipchart, a magnetic board, a podium for speakers and additional equipment for presentations: a laptop and a clicker presenter.

Demonstration equipment:

Flipchart is a magnetic marker board with the ability to attach a block of paper, a separate sheet, various advertising or educational material, as well as the ability to write and to draw with a special marker for this. The standard size of the flipchart is 67. 5x100 cm.

The magnetic marker board is made of a metal coating with the possibility of attaching paper or other advertising materials using magnets. The surface of the magnetic board also allows you to draw with special markers, and easily erase them. Magnetic board size: 100x150 cm.

Additional accessories for a flipchart and a magnetic board: a block of paper, special dry-erase markers, magnets, sponges and napkins for boards, pointers.

In our company, you can also choose a podium for performances.

Types of business event podiums:

White-colored floor podium. Dimensions: 500x500x1160 mm Weight: 16 kg.

Milk-colored floor podium. Dimensions: 630x560x1170 mm Weight: 30kg.

Additional equipment for presentations:

The presenter (clicker) is designed to control and switch presentation slides from a laptop or computer.

There are several options for renting a clicker presenter:

MicroCue2-L Presenter

MicroCue2-L is a clicker that allows you to work with up to 100-meter distance. The presenter has the ability to simultaneously switch slides from two laptops, and manage multiple presentations. Characteristics: distance of 100 m., two-channel control (up to two laptops), green laser color.

Logitech Presenter

The Logitech presenter has a more simplified control system and has the ability to switch one channel. Characteristics: distance of 15-30 m., single-channel control, laser red color.