Rent of BOSCH INTEGRUS conference system

The BOSCH INTEGRUS conference system is one of the best systems in the world, among conference equipment.

The Bosch conference system rental from the world's leading equipment manufacturer is suitable for holding both small conferences and large congresses in the UAE, Abu Dhabi, Dubai.

The first fully digital Bosch Integrus conference system is versatile and provides high-quality audio and data transmission, as well as it puts you in total control of your conference environment.

The delegate's discussion unit with a DCN-DCS channel switch allows participants to speak, apply for a speech and listen to the speaker's speech. The discussion unit has an ability to connect replaceable microphones (DCN MICS and DCN MICL, ordered separately).

There is also a built-in channel switch for meetings in several languages using simultaneous interpretation. To quickly select the desired language channel, there are two buttons on the switch (back, forward), as well as a display showing the channel number and the abbreviated name of the language.

Digital congress system for conferences with simultaneous interpretation system

Installation diagram of the conference system

Installation diagram of the conference system