Organization of video broadcasting

Our company provides video broadcasting services for events. The image can be transmitted to various video-displaying devices such as: a projection screen, plasma panels, seamless video walls, LED screens, laptops that allow you to reproduce the video signal in high-quality Full HD format.

The range of services for any video broadcast includes professional equipment and the work of our technical specialists Dubai, Abu Dhabi.

Types of video broadcast:

Video broadcasting to the Internet (online broadcasts, live streaming) in real time makes it possible to hold events (presentations, seminars, training sessions, master classes, meetings, etc.) with a mass remote audience of listeners. To hold such an event, you do not need to rent an extensive territory, since the video is directly streaming to the website, from where you can view or listen to all the transmitted material. The participants of such a broadcast can be registered users as well as anyone in the Internet who wants to participate (open access).

Video broadcasting (offline) of your event via displaying on the screen makes it possible to implement mass large-scale projects on large venues, where every viewer will be able to observe what is happening on the stage and in general, the overall picture in detail.

Conference video broadcast (Teleconference) allows you to carry out joint events at remote areas with the ability to view high-quality video and conduct a dialogue without time delays. The organization and implementation of the teleconference is possible at any distance and with any number of sites taking part in it.

Video shooting and video editing

Our company also offers professional video and photography service, with further post-processing of the material.