Our dear customers, we congratulate you on all the holidays! We wish you as many interesting events and bright events as possible in the coming new year 2023!

 World exhibitions have been held since 1851, every five years. Such events are a platform for demonstrating new technologies, inventions and goods. In recent decades, exhibitions have also become a platform for international exchange of experience, as well as for dialogue on global issues of our time.

The fashion trend is everywhere: it dictates its conditions to us, makes us blindly follow it and accept new ideas of our time.
Following fashion does not mean randomly consuming all the trends that do not fit with your worldview and perception of reality.

The first working week after the lockdown turned out to be rich in bright events!
Work was carried out on the integrated development of hybrid and offline events at various sites in Moscow, as well as online broadcasts were organized using the Bosch Integrus simultaneous speech translation system.