Rental of tour guide radio systems

Radio guide equipment is a wireless data transmission system that operates using radio waves. The radio guide system is most often used for conducting excursions, exhibitions and presentations, it can also be used for simultaneous interpretation by whispering information into the radio receiver.

Our company is able to provide any number of participants, groups at the same time in the same room or on the same territory. A big advantage of the system is its mobility and low rental cost. Installation and preparation of the radio guide system takes 5-10 minutes.

Advantages of this system:

  • the rubberized case of the radio guide equipment, and its miniature shape make the device convenient for your use;
  • special technology guarantees perfect sound and absolute protection from interference;
  • simple device management system. To work with the radio guide equipment, no special training is required, since the device has a clear interface for any user;
  • a comfortable mount for operation. The radio can be attached with a special bracket on the back cover and it is easy to move around the territory, moving away from the guide 300-600 meters.

For questions related to the purchase or rental of a radio guide system in the UAE, Abu Dhabi, Dubai, please contact our specialists.

Installation diagram of the tour guide radio systems

Installation diagram of the tour guide radio systems