Sale of equipment for events

In our company, you will be able to purchase simultaneous interpreting equipment, an electronic voting system, a BOSCH INTEGRUS conference system for personal use .

Electronic voting system SunVote Dubai, Аbu dhabi

We bring to your attention a new improved electronic voting system SunVote.

The voting keypad has a thinner and smaller shape with a liquid crystal display. It is made in white color, somewhat resembles a miniature calculator, no larger than a standard credit card.

The voting keypad has a 32-channel data transmission system with a working radius of up to 60m. It is charged using 2 coin batteries (CR2032), the power consumption of one battery is 30,000 clicks.

Certified by RoHS, CE.

The SunVote electronic voting equipment includes: voting keypads (any number), a base station receiver, special software, a carrying bag.

BOSCH INTEGRUS simultaneous interpreting equipment Dubai, Abu Dhabi

The BOSCH INTEGRUS simultaneous interpreting equipment or the BOSCH INTEGRUS simultaneous interpreting system is the best system of its kind for holding high-level events with the need for simultaneous interpreters.

Advantages of the BOSCH INTEGRUS simultaneous interpretation system:

  • high protection system against various interference, noise, and listening devices;
  • infrared sound distribution system;
  • simplicity and ease in use;
  • the system is able to provide speech translation into 32 languages simultaneously;
  • compatibility of the equipment with the Bosch conference system components;
  • perfect quality and high-speed sound transmission system;
  • the equipment for simultaneous interpreting includes: an infrared emitter, a central unit, a transmission unit, an interpreter's console, individual receivers with Bosch integrus headphones. (in any required quantity).

Wus Radio Guide equipment (tour equipment) Dubai, Abu Dhabi

Advantages of the radioguide system:

  • the radioguide system has a 32-channel data transmission system;
  • perfect sound q
  • the maximum data transmission radius is 600 meters
  • the possibility of manufacturing in different colors: white, black, orange.

It is charged from three small AA batteries+

The radio guide system includes: a radio transmitter and individual receivers with a single earphone (in any quantity).