Fashion in the event industry

The fashion trend is everywhere: it dictates its conditions to us, makes us blindly follow it and accept new ideas of our time.
Following fashion does not mean randomly consuming all the trends that do not fit with your worldview and perception of reality.
You need to use fashion trends wisely and with awareness, reasonable consumption is the most important guarantee of the success of our time!
The event industry is more than ever associated with various fashionable chips and innovative technologies. Organization of business events is no exception.
Consider the most striking examples:
- Technological trends.
These trends include the format of events: online and hybrid.
Material feeding method:
online broadcast, teleconference, live broadcast, video mapping, virtual reality based on interactive game, etc.
Video filming methods: aerial filming with a quadrocopter.
Video display using LED screens with super-quality material transmission.
Use of online navigation through interactive platforms.
Conducting surveys, voting and registration of guests using special software and equipment.
- Environmentally friendly event.
Replace printed promotional material (brochures, flyers) with an online platform where you can post all the necessary information. Excess handouts do not bring the proper benefit and litter the planet.
The same should be done with the printing of large-scale posters, build boards, photo zones. Replace them with an LED screen. It will have a greater effect on your guests.
- Concern for the safety and health of the participants of the event.
Choose an area with good lighting and ventilation. Provide your guests with water and freshly prepared food.
During the break / coffee break, exercise, dance. This will not only disperse the stagnant lymph flow, but also raise the degree of the event.
Whether to create a trendy event space is up to you, but as Jean Cocteau says, "Style is a simple way to talk about complex things."