EXPO 2020 Dubai

 World exhibitions have been held since 1851, every five years. Such events are a platform for demonstrating new technologies, inventions and goods. In recent decades, exhibitions have also become a platform for international exchange of experience, as well as for dialogue on global issues of our time.
In 2020, the choice of the venue - the UAE - was no coincidence. Firstly, this is the first such exhibition in the Middle East. Secondly, the United Arab Emirates is an amazing country, where oases of skyscrapers have grown in the middle of the desert sands. The EXPO2020 exhibition was also surprising, for the needs of which the authorities allocated an area of ​​600 football fields. The record number of participating countries is 192, where each country has its own pavilion, built from scratch. According to forecasts, EXPO2020 will be visited by 25 million people in six months, of which 70% will be foreigners.
Our company is actively developing and entering a new market. Our goal is partnership and technical support at the next international exhibition EXPO.